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Save the planet & be more sustainable by using Fewer Cards.

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What is Fewer Cards?

Fewer Cards is a patented tool that helps people share their information in a seamless and streamline way.

The cards are made from bamboo. Bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Fewer Cards helps people operate more efficiently.

Do more with Fewer Cards

We all are constantly sharing our social media, job titles, companies, bios, addresses, payment details, text messages, phone numbers and email addresses. Traditional business cards can become cluttered with that amount of information.

Fewer Cards removes the clutter and gives people a way to have the information sent directly to mobile devices without user error.

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Connect faster with a tap or scan.

Fewer Cards pioneered the contactless business card Tap/Scan technology. This innovative tool makes connecting with new friends or clients fast and efficient with the simple motion of a tap or a scan.

Introducing SMS Cards

The SMS card makes it easy for people to send text messages over SMS instantly.Ā This solves having to ask for a phone number or entering a phone number into a smart phone when meeting new people. Instantly text message with SMS Cards!

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I've been using my custom Fewer Cards for over a year now. It's well made, still works wonderfully, and makes an instant positive impression on people when I am sharing my contact information. I love that this is a sustainable product that reduces or eliminates the need for paper business cards and you can even link promotional materials and social media information through these. I liked my Fewer Cards so much that ended up ordering custom cards for my whole team!

Naza Shelley | CEO Startup Founder

With this pandemic these cards are the exact thing businesses need to practice social distancing. I highly recommend these cards to small business owners to major corporations. These cards are environmentally better, as they last longer than paper and these cards keep you and your employees safer than a hand to hand exchange of paper business cards.

Wendy Brisley Ed.D. | Leadership & Business Development Expert

Fewer Cards has been exceptional before and during the pandemic. The contactless nature of the card transmits your business information without touching hands. All that is needed is to tap the card against the back of an iPhone or smart phone. You will never run out of cards. I wholeheartedly recommend Fewer Cards as being ready for the 21st century. Engagement with this product has increased my business opportunities and follow up with customers by at least 50%. It is incredibly valuable.

Oveda V. Hancock | Business Development & Licensing Officer

I am happy to recommend Fewer Cards. The card works and canĀ even be read on Zoom. All information in one place. Fewer CardsĀ is solid, invaluable and affordable." I am a happy client!

Aileen Roberta Schlef | Business Development & Communications

This is a great, environmentally friendly business card! Tap to someone's phone or use the QR Code on a webinar and instantly have your information pre-populate on your contact's phone.

Michelle R. Hinds | Digital Strategist

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