About Fewer Cards

At Fewer Cards, our mission is to revolutionize the way people exchange information by providing sustainable and innovative contactless business cards that utilize cutting-edge technology. Our patented solutions allow for secure and private sharing of contact information, social media profiles, payment details, and more, all with a simple tap or scan.

We strive to promote sustainability through our use of eco-friendly bamboo and are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals stand out with personalized designs that make lasting connections.

Being sustainable is the core of who we are. Fewer Cards is the bamboo contactless card. Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resource.
All one has to do is simply tap or scan Fewer Cards with any smartphone. The card also has a QR code for those phones that are not NFC enabled. 
Customer Service
Fewer Cards is able to complete customized orders and bulk orders. Most orders are completed and shipped out in 1-2 business days.

Why Fewer Cards?

1. Where sustainability meets durability 

Fewer Cards biodegradable bamboo cards are the perfect blend for quality, price, and environmental concerns to provide a unique and alternative to plastic, paper and metal. Fewer Cards are strong and durable!

2. Modern & minimalist design

The look and feel of Fewer Cards will surely satisfy the aesthetic needs.

3. Custom branded contactless business cards

Spread the environment-conscious message along with your own custom branded card style.

For a Sustainable Future

At Fewer Cards, it all starts with a vision: to create a more sustainable place for its inhabitants. Do you know that 10 MILLIONS TONS of plastics are dumped into our oceans every year? Immediate action needs to be taken before it’s all too late.

That’s why Fewer Cards was created, to promote the use of biodegradable bamboo as a substitute for plastic, metal and paper. We believe that the best way to make environmental change happen is through the connections people make.

Do more with Fewer Cards.

Innovation, Sustainability & Technology

We invented and patented the modern smart card with dual scan/tap technology. With innovation, sustainability and technology at its core, Fewer Cards's mission is in it’s moniker—to reduce our carbon footprint with bamboo contactless business cards that allow people to transfer contact information and other functions in a contactless way with QR codes and NFC technology.