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How does Fewer Cards benefit society, the environment and the local economy?

How does Fewer Cards benefit society, the environment and the local economy?

Our solution benefits society by changing how people exchange data. Traditionally people would exchange information by handing out business cards. By exchanging information digitally it helps society operate in a more streamlined way. 

Our solution benefits the environment because people will use fewer cards and fewer resources. 27 million business cards are printed daily. Up to 88% of business cards are thrown out within a week. These are staggering figures, by using a contactless business card this can dramatically reduce the amount of resources consumed and will help people become more sustainable.

Also the US Government Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) was enacted to minimize the paperwork burden for individuals; small businesses; educational and nonprofit institutions; Federal contractors; State, local and tribal governments; and other persons resulting from the collection of information by or for the federal government. By using contactless business cards it fits the mission of PRA by minimizing the paperwork burden for society.

Our solution benefits the local economy.  Small business owners spend around $40.00 on 100 premium grade traditional business cards. The contactless business card sells is around $19.99 and can be used over 1000 times. The unit per usage cost for each traditional business card is $0.40. The unit per usage cost for a contactless business cards is less than $0.02. This can dramatically reduce the cost for small business owners and can lower marketing expenses.

So when you use Fewer Cards not only are you making more connections but you are also benefiting society.

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