Sustainability is the future

At Fewer Cards it is our mission to change how soceity operates to build a sustainable future. It is our goal to be a zero waste company by 2025. This is why all of our cards are made from Bamboo not Polyvinyl Chloride and why we implemented sustainable strategies in our production proccess.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production methods

We believe that ensuring sustainable consumption and production methods are keys to sustaining the livelihoods of current and future generations.

Unsustainable behaviors of consumption and production methods are root causes of climate change and pollution. These crises, and related environmental degradation, threaten humanity's quality of life and the achievement of global sustainability.

We all should work together to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and pollution.

Reduce paper & plastic use

We aim to limit our use of paper and plastic material. By manufacturing all cards out of bamboo this practice ensures that all materials can safely return to the biological cycle without harming the natural environment.

What makes Fewer Cards different?

We invented and are continuing to innovate how people connect, interact and become more sustainable. Today we have contributed to countless organizations who have took on the challenge to also become more sustainable.

Many people are inspired and we welcome their passion to be innovative too. This is why is we are licensing our 10,867,148 patent to interested parties. If you are interested in licensing opportunities please give us a call.