We invented and patented the modern smart card with dual scan/tap technology. Fewer Cards is the bamboo touchless smart card. Share with a simple tap or scan. All Fewer Cards are made from real bamboo. Bamboo cards are more sustainable than plastic cards and more durable than paper cards. Fewer Cards works with mobile iOS & Android devices. 

Our mission is to provide solutions to streamline relationships in a contactless, sustainable, seamless and effective way to bridge the analog & digital worlds together.

The modern smart business card was invented, introduced to the world and patented by Fewer Cards. With sustainability and technology at its core, Fewer Cards's mission is in it’s moniker—to reduce our carbon footprint with bamboo touchless smart business cards that allow people to transfer contact information and other functions in a touchless way with QR codes and NFC technology. In a world still in the throes of the COVID pandemic and to slow down climate change, this card has all of the elements of a product that needs to be successful, to make a cleaner environment and economically impactful change. It helped to solve a problem in a new way.

Climate change is the most important issue in the world because if we don’t meet our climate target goals it will lead to more severe climate impacts, such as more common and severe storms, droughts, wildfires and flooding. Helping society be more sustainable is a strategy to help meet climate target goals. Fewer Cards is sustainable because people are using fewer cards to build relationships. The Fewer Cards card is made from bamboo. Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resource.

System agnostic, the cards use Near Field Communication (NFC) to communicate with smartphones. One has to simply tap the card against a smartphone. The card also has a QR code for those phones that are not NFC enabled. Fewer Cards offers cards, which can be personalized for the standard contact information (to an online profile or website), Personal Contact Cards, SMS Cards, Social Media Cards, Hyperlink Cards, and Cryptocurrency Cards. We are constantly innovating by creating new technology that reshapes society. Our mission is to help people and organizations streamline relationships in a contactless, seamless and effective way to bridge the analog and digital worlds together. We keep track of our phones much better than hundreds of business cards (our own and others’). To ensure this, Fewer Cards is able to complete customized orders and bulk orders, and has an average turnaround time when ordering a card is 2-5 business days. Committed to being a local solution to a global ecosystem, Fewer Cards has international shipping to 190 countries.

Everyone should use Fewer Cards. Together we can reverse the effects of climate change and do more with fewer cards.