SMS Card Features

1. Tap or Scan to connect instantly.

2. Share and save contact information which includes social media profiles, payment information and website links.

3. Collect phone numbers instantly.

4. Customize your SMS Card to reflect your brand.

What makes the SMS Card unique?

The SMS Card is the only contactless business card that makes it simple to start connect bidirectionally where both parties have each other contact information.

Why the SMS Card?

The SMS card is a useful tool for businesses for a few reasons:

1. Convenient communication: With an SMS card, customers can easily contact businesses via text message, which is a convenient and widely used form of communication. This can help improve customer satisfaction and retention, as customers are more likely to engage with businesses that offer easy and accessible communication channels.

2. (In Beta) Automated responses: SMS cards can be set up to send automated responses to customers, which can help improve efficiency and save time for businesses. For example, an SMS card can be set up to automatically respond to incoming messages with information about business hours, services, or frequently asked questions.

3. Personalization: SMS cards can be personalized with a business's name, logo, and other information, which can help create a professional and branded image for the business. This can also help customers easily recognize the business and distinguish it from other competitors.

4. Marketing: SMS cards can also be used for marketing purposes, as businesses can send targeted messages to customers about promotions, discounts, or other events. This can help improve customer engagement and drive sales for the business.

Overall, the SMS card is a useful tool for businesses as it offers a convenient, automated, personalized, and effective way to communicate with customers and promote the business's products or services.

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